Brand Protection

brandsec identifies and removes brand damaging content from the internet.

Brand Protection Solutions for Counterfeits

  • Automatically detect and combat counterfeits from the major global online marketplaces
  • Fully managed enforcement service with various enforcement options provided for each infringement
  • Seller prioritisation allows us to identify the sellers who are causing most damage to your brand
  • Reporting that tracks trends of counterfeits and effectiveness of the service

Brand Protection for Domain Names

  • Domain Name and Zone File monitoring across AU and global domain name spaces
  • The ability to track and trace when an infringing domain is newly registered
  • Streamlined enforcement with templates and enforcement processes to ensure efficient takedown of infringing domain names
  • Experienced global domain name infringement team ready to assist

Brand Protection for Fake Social Accounts

  • Fake social media accounts can steal and scam your valuable customers
  • Our software identifies brand imposters on social media accounts, which are then removed and blacklisted
  • We can monitor hundreds of social media platforms or focus on the key platforms important to your business
  • Our Enforcement team have a deep understanding of the major review sites policy programs to remove fake accounts

Brand Enforcement for Paid Search

  • Monitor all major search engines for unauthorised use of IP in paid advertisements
  • Aggregates and analyse data of infringers across multiple search engines
  • Case management and enforcement of your rights on Paid Search

Brand Enforcement: Fake Social Media Comments

  • Often competitors or haters just want to cause your brand damage
  • brandsec monitor social media platforms and detect possible fake reviews
  • We provide removal case management through an intimate understanding of social removal policy

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