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We negotiate acquisition of domain names already registered quickly and at the best price

Acquiring Domains at the Best Possible Price

Our domain name brokerage team have negotiated domain name acquisitions on some of the most notable website properties in APAC.  Our proven process provides brands the best chance of acquiring domain names already taken. 

  • Fully managed domain name acquisition process
  • Anonymous communication and expert negotiation
  • Get the best price and secure the domain name in the shortest time through brandsec

How it Works

Domain Name Review

brandsec’s domain name brokerage team will review the domain name, use, history and Registrant and provide guidance in terms of valuation and possible outcome.  We can also guide you on a budget and timeframe.  

Communication and Negotiation

Once a budget has been set, brandsec will engage the Registrant, either using our local agents or through an anonymous email address.  We assure your anonymity and will manage and document all email communication throughout the process.


There are several different outcome scenarios in a domain name acquisitions:

  • Interest / Agreement reached
  • Interest / Agreement not reach
  • No Interest 
  • Communication not achieved

Where communication with the domain name Registrant is not achieved, brandsec do not charge an outcome fee.

Transfer and Escrow

brandsec manages the domain name transfer paperwork (sale agreement), the transfer of Registrant paperwork, escrow and technical transfer of the domain name to your account, including set up of any required DNS records.

Where possible we will register the domain name using our Whois Proxy Service that will still protect your identity after purchase and transfer of the domain.


brandsec can also place a desired domain name on back order so that when it comes up for registration, you have the best chance of picking it up. brandsec can use one to five different backorder services to guarantee success.

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