Brand Enforcement

brand enforcement services protect brands and removes online content

brandsec provides an end to end brand enforcement management solution across multiple online platforms.

Takedown infringing websites

Delete Domain Name Infringements

Shutdown fake social media content

Counterfeit Removal

brandsec’s anti-counterfeiting solution provides end to end marketplace removal services. We work with the hosting marketplace to remove the infringing content and delete the infringer’s profile.

  • Semi-automated marketplace takedowns
  • Full coverage of global marketplaces included
  • Connect-the-dots software links infringers across multiple platforms
Counterfeit Removal

Domain Name Infringements

brandsec provides multiple options to deal with domain name infringements from policy deletion to managing an application through the Dispute Resolution Procedure.

  • Cease and Desist communication and management
  • Policy Deletion brand enforcement for non-compliant infringing domain names
  • Dispute Management for domain names where IP has been infringed including UDRP and auDRP
Domain Disputes
Basic Monitoring
Quickly Identify Domain Infringements
Includes a domain name audit and ongoing monitoring of new domain name registrations
Fully Managed Service
Complete management of disputes and acquisitions
Includes and audit, monitoring and 72 hours of annual case management

Fake Social Media Profiles and Reviews

Social Media can be used as a weapon against your own brand.  Fake social media profiles used to steal customers and fake reviews damage your reputation.  brandsec has a solution to deal with both issues, quickly.

  • Fake Social Media profiles removed through our policy escalation framework 
  • Fake Social Media comments removed through policy violation process
  • Managed end to end services including all external communication and paperwork
Fake Social Media Profiles
Fake Social Media Reviews

Website DCMA Takedown

brandsec manage the removal of content from a website where the owner of copyright content is infringed.  The DCMA is a well established, accepted, internet standard followed by website owners and internet service providers.

  • Takedown notice management against a website owner and/or an Online Service Provider
  • Bulk takedown management
  • Copyright content can be extended to counterfeit content and images
Fake Website Content

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