Domain Name Monitoring

Identify 3rd party domain name registrations immediately

Monitor your brand in hundreds of spaces

Domain name registration monitoring is a powerful early detection mechanism for finding potential counterfeit websites before they even launch. 

Counterfeit sellers often use brand names within the URL in order to give the shopper the impression he or she is visiting your official website. 

brandsec’s proprietary domain monitoring technology scans across a range of domain extensions to find and report any suspected 3rd party domain registrations.

We also provide our client with options to either recover the domain name, lodge a domain name dispute or request a policy removal of the domain name from the Registry. Our team of experts can advise you on the best course of action.

Constant Vigilance

Maintaining constant vigilance across your domain name portfolio and trademarks takes time and resource most businesses don’t have. brandsec identify domain name infringements very shortly after the domain name has been registered to enable quick enforcement action to prevent any damage to your brand or criminal activity from occurring.

Coupled with brandsec IP’s trademark monitoring tools, your business will have full visibility of potential trademark or domain name infringements that could damage your (or your client’s) brands or reputation. In addition, your business logos and images will also be monitored for any misuse or unauthorised association.

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