SSL Certificate Management

Peace of mind that your SSLs won’t expire

Corporate SSL Management

brandsec provides our clients with corporate SSL management and can manage and issue multiple brands while providing expert advice and support.

  • brandsec ensure your SSLs are renewed and monitor performance
  • Never miss a SSL renewal again
  • Multiple brands and SSL types

SSL Discovery

Over time an organisation can collect hundreds of different SSLs for a variety of applications and functions.  Keeping track of the different SSLs that are live, dormant and their expiry dates can cause an organisation of any size a big operational headache.  

brandsec endeavour to streamline the SSL renewal process, but in order to start this process with conduct an organisation wide SSL discovery. Using multiple in-house and external SSL discovery tools we are able to scan an organisation’s network to locate SSL certificates deployed across several departments and business units, regardless of which Certificate Authority (CA) issued the certificate.

Comprehensive SSL brand selection

When it comes to SSLs trust is the most important component of any online business decision, and this is especially true in the faceless and nameless world of the internet. A company only has so much time, usually mere seconds, to establish trust with a customer online, so making the most of it is of paramount importance. That’s why certificates, especially Extended Validation or EV certificates, play such a vital role for successful websites – they are the most universally recognized symbols of trust and security on the internet.

While choosing, buying and administering SSL certificates is not the most sought after function within an IT operation it is absolutely necessary to ensure it is managed with the utmost care and diligence. The impact of neglecting SSL management can be felt by you organisation and customers alike and can be a painful experience for all involved.

At bransec we pride ourselves on making SSL as simple and hassle-free as possible. We’re platinum partners with some of the leading global Certification Authorities (CA) including:

We buy certificates in large quantities at deeply discounted rates, so we’re able to pass those savings directly to our clients. That’s right, when you buy certs from us, you’ll be receiving the exact same certificates you would get from buying direct, but at significantly lower prices.

SSL Support Backed by Experience

brandsec provides our clients with a premium managed SSL service. We’re a team of experienced certificate administrators dedicated to assisting our clients with domain name and certificate products. Our customers benefit from our unparalleled knowledge and resources. We also assign a dedicated account manager to each and every one of our customers to serve as a go-to contact whenever needed.

Most importantly, whether through our support technicians or account managers, we prove to our customers that we are actual human beings. Our company isn’t just automated messages, call centers, and nameless contact information. Rather, our staff personally reach out to all of our customers, in accordance with our goal of making the impersonal cyber world a little more personal.

Check out our blog, the “SSL Guide” to learn more about how they work.

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