Enterprise DNS

brandsec provide a globally deployed DNS solution for enterprise brands.

Reliable, Scalable and Highly Available

brandsec’s DNS is used by hundreds of brands across Australia and provides a reliable and scalable enterprise grade DNS solution.  

  • Globally deployed with multiple redundancy layers
  • Anycast options for critical domain names
  • Bulk DNS changes enabled

Robust and Reliable DNS

brandsec’s Global DNS system is designed to be robust, fast and reliable. Our standard DNS system is deployed globally, with servers hosted in three continents using world class Cisco data nodes. 

Scalable DNS

Our DNS system is scalable, and further expansion of this system is planned in the near future. Our standard DNS is free to all Domain Management users.


DNS is protected by 2FA for users, the highest SSL encryption and also through periodic security reviews to ensure that DNS practices is in line with best practice security management.

Enterprise DNS for Critical Domain Names

Enterprise DNS

brandsec’s DNS solution goes that one extra step. Directional DNS is added for companies with a worldwide audience and SiteFailover to protect against downtime. Built to handle high-volume query counts and records, our Enterprise solution allows you to add up to 100 domains and we will deploy more if required. 


Our DNS employs advanced IP Anycast technology powering numerous name servers across 14 geographic locations. Our DNS solutions are truly world class, deploying the best technology available.

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