Enterprise DNS

brandsec provide a globally deployed DNS solution for enterprise brands.

Robust and Reliable DNS

brandsec’s Global DNS system is designed to be robust, fast and reliable. Our standard DNS system is deployed globally, with servers hosted in three continents using world class Cisco data nodes. 

Scalable DNS

Our DNS system is scalable, and further expansion of this system is planned in the near future. Our standard DNS is free to all Domain Management users.  While it is one of the best domain name unicast DNS solutions on the market, we recommend as best practice that brands consider an Anycast DNS model for their critical domain names

Anycast DNS for Critical Domain Names

Re-thinking DNS

Because of the increasing veracity of attacks against DNS, companies need to rethink their DNS strategy.

We always recommend that corporate websites and applications, at a minimum, utilise an enterprise-grade DNS network with the scale and redundancy to withstand basic attacks.

Setting up a secondary DNS provider as failover can help provide further redundancy when issues like the above happen.

While attacks of this massive scale are rare, DDoS attacks in general, are not. They have become more targeted and brands in Australia have been impacted more than ever before.


Our DNS employs advanced IP Anycast technology powering numerous name servers across 14 geographic locations. Our DNS solutions are truly world class, deploying the best technology available.

highly redundant nodes
Network spans 6 continents and 18 countries
% Uptime availability
X capacity than the largest DDoS attack ever

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